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Now available, where greater accuracy is required for crop drilling, contract spraying etc, the Farmnavigator GPS system complete with John Deere Starfire 300 external mount antenna.
Using a 4.8” touchscreen, the Farmnavigator incorporates field measuring and guidance in one complete package.
When entering a field to commence work, the field can be measured on first drive around perimeter of the field and area size indicated. Contour, parallel, or irregular contour guidance can be selected.
Farmnavigator also incorporates virtual spray boom commander which gives a visual indication when to turn off spray boom sections, if overlapping, for greater savings with pesticides.This visual indication consists of a row of lights which turn red to indicate which section of spray boom to turn off manually as can be seen in example picture.Obstacles in field, e.g a boulder, can also be recorded via a simple traffic cone icon.

Worked field area, field size & current speed clearly displayed on field view screen.Arrow guidance indicates in which direction steering should be corrected.

Field File indicating total area of field, worked area, max speed, duration of work and any overlapped area can be  downloaded and evaluated on Google Earth.



Also available as an alternative, is the Farmnavigator with AccuPro external mount antenna.

If you wish to purchase a Farmnavigator please send an email to satconuk@btconnect.com with your Farm business name, address and V.A.T number stating which antenna option you require and we shall return email
with invoiced attached.


 Accupro antenna     
 2 Video clips below show Farmnavigator in use and ease of transfer between vehicles( JD Starfire 300 antenna featured)

Farmnavigator demo

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