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We operate a family dairy farm on the West Coast of Scotland. We milk approx 180 Holstein Friesian cows on 200 acres owned & 100 acres of rented ground.The farm is all grassland, no arable crops are grown. All young-stock heifers are reared on farm for herd replacements. The cows are normally out grazing the fields from late April until Mid October depending on weather conditions. The aim is to utilise grass as the cheapest possible "feed into milk" to the best of our ability. Milk produced on the farm is sold to Muller Wiseman Dairies on a liquid contract.

With the continuing rise in fertiliser prices, every ton of fertiliser has to be utilised to its full potential with as little wastage as possible.How many times have you, like me, been sowing a tightly grazed paddock, or a recently harvested silage field scanning the field for a tyre mark only to realise after travelling the length of the field that you were actually on it!
The Tractor GPS System was borne from the results of careful research into affordable GPS navigation for use on our own farm. The original idea was to source an affordable GPS solution which ensured more accurate sowing of fertiliser.With no crop drilling taking place,centimetre accuracy was not a requirement.
The system has been developed in conjunction with a leading European GPS agricultural software supplier.The system has been under constant development and the latest version is a user friendly and affordable alternative to the mainstream but more expensive GPS systems.If for any reason the system does not perform to your expectations a full refund will be given within 7 days of purchase.