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A-The Tractor GPS System

The latest version of Tractor GPS system now uses a 5" LCD touchscreen with fully integrated GPS receiver for ease of use.
The Tractor GPS System is adequate for all grassland based activities i.e fertiliser sowing, lime spreading, spreading poultry litter, etc where slight overlapping tolerences are acceptable.
The system is normally within a metre for accuracy in normal  working conditions. For more precise work e.g crop drilling, spraying, cultivating etc, please visit
the Farmnavigator page.


When commencing field work, parallel or contour guidance can be chosen. The worked area, i.e ground already covered, can be recorded in acres or hectares, while the chosen working width can be set in feet or metres. The forward working speed can be displayed in mph or km/h.

As the field is worked, the area of field which has been covered will be displayed as green.The unworked area of field remains white. It is quite easy to evaluate remaining part of field to be covered via zoom facility (- & + symbols).

“Put simply, your field is a blank white canvas, as you work the field, you are painting the screen with a green roller.”
Please note: there is no annual subscription charges for GPS.
Trials on our own farm testing performance against an Ezi-Guide 250(using the roof mounted AG15 antenna) produced satisfactory results although accuracy & signal could vary due to difficult terrain as with all GPS signal receivers/antennas.
If you have been researching GPS guidance you will already know the cheapest(colour) screen-based GPS guidance is close to four figures. A simple lightbar guidance, no screen is approx. £800.This system has arrow guidance at top of field view screen, with simple voice instructions(Left/Right) incorporated.
The Tractor GPS System is a cheaper alternative which gives basic screen-based guidance at an affordable price.
The field file can be downloaded and evaluated via PC on Google Earth.